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I gotta believe!
Posted by Eric on October 13th, 2002

I picked up a copy of "Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land" and "Mario Advance 3" yesterday, so expect a review at some point in time. As for now, I'm dropping off a review of Paperboy for your reading pleasure.

I just work here
Posted by Ratralsis on October 11th, 2002

As you've probably noticed, my job on this site is to write reviews. Today I have for you, my loyal reader and close personal friend, two new reviews gauranteed* to make you feel better about your life. There's Yu-Gi-Oh!, my first TV show review, and Black White, my first PC game review. Feel blessed, friend, for today is truly a great day.

Also, you might but probably won't notice that I went back and edited almost all my old reviews. Why? Because, upon reading them one day for fun and profit, I noticed that I really tend to throw the word "fuck" around way too much. So now you'll only see about half the fucks you did before if you read something I wrote. There's still a lot, I know, but come on. No word is really as amazingly fucking useful as "fuck."

*Not really.

Operation Success!
Posted by Eric on October 7th, 2002

I've made the site a little prettier by reformatting the text. I still have to change some of the graphics (the ones at the top left), however, which I'll do sooner or later. I've also shelled out a review of Harvest Moon: STH for you cool kids at home.

Don't be alarmed... yet
Posted by Eric on October 7th, 2002

Hi. As you might have noticed, I've changed the layout of the site. Everything looks pretty defunct because I simply haven't had time to work out the random bugs that have resulted, but rest assured, Batman will solve Pete's problems!

In other words, wait till I'm out of work tonight for the site to look a little less screwed.

Posted by Ratralsis on October 2nd, 2002

I wrote another movie review, because video game reviews are hard. Check it out. Sometime in the next week I should have enough time to write a decent game review, although I don't have any ideas just yet. See, I can watch a movie in two or three hours, but video games can take several days to play through.

Would you like this carrot too?
Posted by Eric on September 29th, 2002

Weekend updates have been slow, because I've been a pretty slow guy. However, I have compiled a Mega Man review, which I'm hoping with either please or infuriate you. I've also updated the "ridiculous gaming moment" to a classic scene from Paperboy 2, which was a relatively ridiculous game.

You could cut the tension with an object
Posted by Ratralsis on September 28th, 2002

So I noticed that Eric put up links on the left bar now, which I guess is okay. I have trouble with exploding dog, because I think it sucks, but every time I start thinking about mutinizing I realize that I'm really just an employee here. I mean, it'd be like me telling my boss at Burger King that I think we should take down the cardboard cut-outs of Shaq because I hate Shaq. It's just not done, at least if I want to keep my job.

Anyway, I don't just write updates to whine. The main reason for this update is to mention that I added a few more sentences to my article on bad commercials (see previous update by me, menu bar on your left for more details). I wasn't really satisfied with it before, and I'm not now, but I'm not going to edit it a second time. I also hear tell that we (and by "we" I don't mean you) have been submitted to Yahoo now, so I guess that at some point in the distant future you can actually find connivingpete.com with it.

Try it, you'll like it.
Posted by Ratralsis on September 26th, 2002

I believe I updated the site earlier today. I forgot to put an accompanying news update, though, and I don't feel like searching for the link. On the "new stuff" bar or whatever to your left you should be able to find my article on bad commercials easily enough. If you can't, well, sorry. You're probably too stupid to enjoy it anyway, though, right? So it's no big deal.

Updates are fun!
Posted by Eric on September 25th, 2002

I've made some more programming changes to the site, which aren't visible to any of you. They just make my life a little easier. Anyway, I've contributed a review of FOX's new show, Kirby: Right Back At Ya!, which I'm sure you will read and forget about, and then read again.

How to raise a farm in two minutes
Posted by Eric on September 24th, 2002

First, you buy Harvest Moon for the PS2, which is what I did the other day. A review is forthcoming, which means it's not here yet. Anyway, I've been unable to perform my bottomfeeding duties lately because my cable company likes to screw up my cable and refuse blame. Either way, I wrote an article just for you guys, because you're all wonderful people. Also, Megaman X7 appeared at the TGS, which makes me very excited.

Yes, I'm looking forward to Kingdom Hearts.
Posted by Ratralsis on September 21st, 2002

So you seen those commercials for Kingdom Hearts yet? I'm so looking forward to that game, for one reason and for one reason only:

I want to see Donald Duck punch Sephiroth in the face.

Also, I posted my Sonic Adventure 2 review so you might want to read it. Maybe you want to know what I think of Sonic's new grinding ability. Or perhaps you're curious about whether or not I like the addition of Rouge to the game's cast. You might even want to know if I'll talk about the Chao gardens. Whatever the reason, you want to read it, AND YOU'RE GONNA.

Two new reviews from the mightiest pen on life
Posted by Ratralsis on September 20th, 2002

Does getting progerians and teenagers on bikes to blow each other up sound like a good movie premise to you? Or maybe watching hot chicks in tight outfits shoot everything that moves is more your style. Whatever you're into, read my new Akira and Mezzo Forte reviews as soon as humanly possible! I'd say even sooner but that would be humanly impossible!

Also, if any of you out there are trying to e-mail me at ratralsis@connivingpete.com, then don't expect a reply for a while. I appreciate it, really, I do, but I lack the proper facilities to check such an e-mail account. If you use my hotmail account then I can definitely get back to you. Otherwise, you'll just have to be patient. Really really patient.

Ratralsis's first update
Posted by Ratralsis on September 18th, 2002

Ratralsis here, just saying that I am now able to update the site whenever and however I choose to thanks to Eric's mad programming skillz. But if I don't suck up to him on a regular basis by saying things like "Thanks to Eric's mad programming skillz" then he could very easily take away this new power of mine and nobody wants that.

Over the next few days he'll also be writing programs to allow me to write reviews and articles, so that's something for all two of you out there reading this to look forward to. Or maybe you hate us and don't want us to update this site, in which case it's something for you to dread. Either way, it's something.

Today was a day for breakfast
Posted by Eric on September 18th, 2002

Alright, this is the site, incase you haven't noticed. If you're here, chances are that it was plain-as-day given to you, because no one's linked me and search engines know not of this place yet. Consider it a privilege, perhaps?

Anyway, this is Conniving Pete's, a place for basically anything, as far as I'm concerned. Though for now, the focus is reviews, particularly of videogames, anime, or movies. Content is building very quickly, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, no one knows about this fucking place, so I also have to invest time on getting the name out there. If you have any way of getting the name out there, then your help would be greatly appreciated.

But, at any rate, enjoy the content as it builds.